Peter de Vos

Hi, I'm Peter.


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I'm a small business owner, programmer, biker and overall nice and knowledgeable guy. I love creating beautiful code and simple interfaces.
I started programming in 1992, and have been running a tiny web powerhouse since 1995.

I'm a FULL-STACK developer


Modern software is a complex tangle of standards, protocols, and technologies.

Building a modern web application requires knowledge of Linux administration, database administration, server-side languages, web frameworks, message queues, caching, loadbalancing proxies, SSL termination, providing JSON REST API's, third-party API integration, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, among other things.

You will really benefit from someone who can do the full stack.

I'm not evangelical about any particular language or architecture, but instead choose to apply the best tools available for the job.

Polyglot, comfortable with most open-source web stacks. Productive in Ruby, Python and Erlang, expert in Perl and JavaScript, and with a full grasp of HTML5 and CSS3.

... with the traits of a great software engineer

They match and complement my personality type:

I'm intimately familiar with design patterns, object-oriented software design and concurrent programming techniques, and a firm believer in open-source software and industry best practices:
  • Security
  • Versioning
  • Documentation
  • Automated (Unit) Testing
  • Continuous Integration
  • Agile Project Management

The quality of my work is important to me, I take pride in producing clean code. Furthermore, I'm eager to learn and use new technologies.

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As an independent contractor I usually start out for a few months, but often find my services valued for years.

I work for clients in all kinds of industries:


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Retail & Finance

I started out designing and hosting retail and finance websites in the mid-90's. It makes me proud that some of those early clients are still with me for maintenance of their web and email infrastructure. And I have been doing things like designing and building a website, setting up a CMS, osCommerce or Magento shop, implementing iDeal payments or domain registration and web hosting for my clients ever since.


As the demand for database-driven web applications rose, this evolved in building small content management systems and selling subscriptions in the late 90's, such as themed database-driven (used cars in stock) websites for a network of car dealers. My company grew with a co-owner and some parttime staff.


Designing and developing a large dating site with an advanced profile matching engine from the ground up was both challenging and exciting, for different reasons. That's when the Avatar application saw the light of day.


For the next few years the concept of industry-specific web applications evolved while I worked in the travel industry, writing a central reservation system for touroperators, travel agents and consumers according to G7-XML specifications.

I also built and deployed turn-key Redhat Linux servers for touroperators with my travel booking web application installed. The work included all hardware/software assembly and frontend/backend design and development for these systems, that interfaced with and augmented the Windows-based ERP offerings of a Dutch travel automation IT company.


My time in the field of psychotherapy was a welcome change from the turbulent online travel market. This time a well-known online psychotherapy company needed a major overhaul of their primary asset, the treatment platform with web applications for clients, psychologists, supervisors and administrators. I rewrote the backend to support the workflow-based programmes for the online treatment of psychological disorders, and designed and implemented the REST API. The early prototype of my BPM Engine came out of this work.

As the development team grew, I professionalized the software development process by introducing proper version control, unit testing and continuous integration. Fun to do, since the team members were knowledgable, well versed in agile project management techniques such as SCRUM and very open to best practices and new ideas.

Mobile Video

While building a CMS for QR Codes and mobile mini-sites in Backbone.js (and jQuery Mobile for the mobile sites), I got engaged by a US startup in mobile video sharing. As CTO of the company I designed the system architecture, wrote the backend code, set up the AWS infrastructure, managed the globally distributed development team and helped launch the product at DEMO in Silicon Valley and TNW conference in Brazil. Cool stuff.

Child Education

Discussing lean startup methodologies, tactics and best practices with founders is always instructive. As technical advisor to a Dutch startup in its pre-seed phase, developing technology for kids, I helped shape the product vision from inception and gave it a bit of a technical foundation.

HR / Events

At the world leader in booking accommodations, as part of the team responsible for organizing and executing on the biggest annual company event I've ever experienced, I was given the opportunity to design, develop and implement the intranet applications needed to support all registration tasks and travel, stay and event communication for the event, nicely integrated with corporate HR systems and continuously deployed onto the company's massive infrastructure.

Using Angular.js to build the management instrumentation, the system allowed the travel and event teams to manage the onboarding process of the more than 6000 employees coming to Amsterdam from 115 offices in over 50 countries around the world, smoother than ever before. Great experience at a great company.

Jack of all trades?

I Build Stuff So You Don't Have To

I enjoy working closely with management to help implement their vision for the company and its products. My clients appreciate that I'm flexible and reliable, take initiative and responsibility for end results, and have a "can do" mentality.

Among other things, people hire me to:

  • Design, develop and deploy web applications and turn-key web systems;
  • Establish and enforce best-practice development, QA, and deployment practices;
  • Build infrastructure modules and integrate third-party services;
  • Assist website teams with technical development.

I'm somewhat of a one-man band: a smart guy with exceptional problem solving capabilities that can develop within modern software stacks, and more importantly, adapt as things change. Because change is coming and the music hasn't stopped.

Being a T-shaped professional with both breadth in business and depth in technical skills, I would like to know something about everything and everything about something. Depending on size, scope, phase and budget of your project, I can play the role of technical consultant, system architect, product owner, software engineer, team lead, UX designer, DevOp, open-source advocate and free radical. I'm an entrepeneur at heart.


Of course, I don't get to wear all hats on every project I work on. Given the opportunity, I enjoy learning from others by working with a small team of smart and talented people.